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Yale YDR30GA + Yale Luna Pro+

Digital Lock
30GA LunaPro+
Product Description

Get two for half the hassle!

Regardless of which access type you use, Yale's One Touch design allows you to unlock both your gate and door at the same time, providing your home with much needed convenience!

YDR30GA Description:

YDR30GA provides you with multiple access such as RFID cards, pin codes, mobile access via Yale Home APP (optional)* and remote access via Yale Home APP (optional)* .

*Yale Home BLE Module and Yale Connect Bridge (Wifi connection) are required and sold separately.


  • Front dimension: 70(W) x 183(H) x 21(D)mm
  • Back dimension: 77(W) x 220(H) x 40(D)mm

Luna Pro+ Description:

Yale Luna Pro+ uses Yale FaceScan technology powered by 3D structured light to enhance the security of your entrance. The best solution you can ever have for your beloved kids, parents and family members!

It also allows you to open door in various ways, you can enjoy the access option either via face recognition, fingerprint scan, personalized PIN code, CPU card or simply via Yale Home app.


  • Front body: 103(W) X 424(H) X 49(D) mm
  • Main body: 76(W) X 420(H) X 62.7(D) mm

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