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Yale Kyra Pro

Digital Lock
Kyra Pro
Product Description


  • Sleek and modern design with high quality materials for durability.
  • With the fully-auto lock case of the Yale Kyra Pro, you can enjoy a seamless and convenient unlocking and locking experience.
  • The lock case is designed to operate smoothly and quickly, allowing you to enter or exit your home without any hassle. The Yale Kyra Pro is a reliable solution for your home.
  • Yale Kyra Pro allows you to open door in various ways, you can enjoy the access option either via fingerprint scan, personalized PIN code and RFID key tag or simply via Yale Home app*.

Technical Specifications

  • Front body: 78(W) x 390(H) x 50(D) mm
  • Main body: 76(W) x 390(H) x 60(D) mm

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