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YMI70 Black Digital Handle Door Lock

Product Description

YMI70 Black Digital Handle Door Lock

New fingerprint scanner

Unlike the previous method of “turn on and scan again”, it only takes one action to read the fingerprint easily. Segmented scanning recognition reduces the chance of residual fingerprints on the scanner, greatly reducing the possibility of fingerprints being copied, safe and reliable.

Features & Benefits

  • Finger Print Scanning
  • Smart TouchPad
  • Proximity Card
  • Bluetooth Opening Lock
  • Break-in/Damage Alarm
  • Safe Handle
  • Voice Guide
  • Onetime Code
  • 3 Seconds Smart Etiquette
  • Fake PIN Code
  • Remote Control (Optional)


  • Type : Mortise lock
  • Fingerprint : Up to 20
  • Mechanical key : 2
  • PIN code : 6 - 12 digits
  • Thickness : 35-100mm, suitable wooden door.
  • Front body dimension : 77(W) x 397.4(H) x 71.4(D)mm
  • Back body dimension : 77(W) x 396.7(H) x 78(D)mm

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