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Yale YDR41A

Product Description

The YDR41A has various access solutions such as fingerprints, pin codes, smartphone app(Yale Home app), and remote control. You never have to carry your keys again.

*Yale Home BLE Module and Yale Connect Bridge (Wifi connection)are required and sold separately.

Universal Design

  • Smart Pad / Palm touching – Operation status notification
  • Emergency power supply
  • Easy re-registration of keys– Just preset new key to disable old keys.

Personalize your lock settings

User-friendly interface to personalize your lock settings. Register as many fingerprints, user pin codes, card keys & Bluetooth keys as you want. Add a onetime user code for visitors like your parents whenever you are not at home to welcome them!


  • Longer lifetime: 4 AA batteries, 6 Months
  • Reliability of the motor improves
  • Various application for the door thickness: 70~80mm


Front dimension: 20 (D) X 64.6 (W) X 160.5 (H) mm

Back dimension: 35 (D) X 162.2 (W) X 87 (H) mm

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