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STELLAR 480/DB2 Fire Resistant

Product Description
  • Feature simple to operate digital keypad with LCD display and a programmable combination of 3 to 8 digits.
  • Operation: Fingerprint (up to 30)/ Pin / Key
  • Solid steel construction for higher resistance to attack
  • 30 mins fire protection (up till 760 degree Celsius)
  • Uses 4 AA size batteries (1.5V). In case of battery failure, the safe can be operated with a manual override function with 2 security override keys supplied.
  • Battery compartment is located inside the door to prevent tampering.
  • Incorrect Entry Alarm feature – Inputting the incorrect code 4 times sounds an internal alarm for 3 minutes and locks out the code pad for that time. Manual override can be used during alarm.
  • Black power coat interior and exterior finish.


  • Exterior: 360(D)X 440(W)X 480(H)mm
  • Interior: 282(D)X 400(W)X 440(H)mm
  • Net Weight: 34kg
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