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Orlant - Smart Hanger Model K095

Product Description

Orlant - Smart Hanger Model K095

Intelligent Tubular Electric Motor

  • Symmetrical Torque
    Making it an even longer life span
  • Outage Prevention
    Brakes that prevents unintentional accident
  • Overheating Protection System
    Ensuring temperature within optimal range
  • Core of Our System
    France technology, integrated design
  • Hassle-free Customisation
    Upper and lower lifting limitation adjustment

K-Type DDT Design ® ZL 2005 2 0064652.8

  • Low power consumption
  • Wire made to last
  • Stronger and stable system

304 Stainless Steel Wire

  • Excellent flexibility
  • High tensile
  • Longer lifespan

Work Quietly

System emits little to no sound, ensuring maximum peace and serenity.

15-meter Connection

One-touch operation: Extremely user friendly.

Auto-stop Safety Mechanism

Rod auto-stops upon contact with any human or objects, rebounding 5cm away.


  • Model: K095
  • LED Power: 10W
  • Power Consumption: 70W
  • Load Capacity: 35KG
  • Host Dimension: L: 1024mm | W: 298mm | H: 76mm
  • Pole Length: Extendable from 940mm to 1500mm
  • Lifting Height: 1200mm
  • Product Color: Ivory White and Stainless Steel
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