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Aeratron AE3+

Product Description

Award-winning design with performance to match.


  • Rated the most energy-efficient fans in the world
    Award-winning design, leading performance, environmentally conscious energy efficiency using up to 80% less energy than a conventional fan. The AE3+ series knows that when you look this good, there’s no need to shout.
  • Make a statement without making a sound
    We’re x6 quieter than conventional ceiling fans – and more than 15 decibels quieter than our closest competitor. We’re disrupting the market, not your concentration.
  • Save up to
    Save on summer cooling and winter heating. Maximize the efficiency of your heating system by circulating warmer air from the ceiling back down into the room with our winter function. Then enjoy the same savings in summer as our signature two and three-dimensional airfoil fan blades draw hot air away so you can switch the AC off sooner – or leave it off altogether.
  • Engineered to reduce noisy vibrations
    Our patented Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium, preventing the noisy wobbling of typical ceiling fans.


  • Blades: Tri-blade (3)
  • Size: 43'' (1090mm) / 50'' (1260mm) / 60'' (1520mm)
  • Airflow (m3/min): 42.1/125.9 | 57.7/177.1 | 83.6/260.7
  • Efficiency (m3/main/Watt): 8.9 / 94 / 11.1
  • RPM (Min/Max): 61/181 | 60/180 | 56/152
  • Energy Consumption (Wattage) Low/high speed: 2.7W/13.5W | 2.8W/19.3W | 3.0W/22.2W


  • 43" (S$699); 50" (S$799); 60" (S$899)
  • Additional S$100 for Woodgrain Blades


  • LED Light Kit = S$170

Additional Info

  • Standard installation charge = S$80 per set
    Standard condition:
    1) Concrete ceiling up to 3 meters ceiling height.
    2) Electrical wiring to the fan location provided by customer.
  • False ceiling installation charge = From S$150 per set
  • Warranty = 3 years on motor, 1st year on-site
  • All price above include 8% GST.
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